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Hiring an experienced insurance broker can help you. At Barber Insurance in Dallas, we provide strong support to our clients throughout TX. As your broker, I will help you develop effective strategies designed to help alleviate the stress that comes with insurance matters.

We help our clients with numerous different insurance packages, such as:


If you are interested in any of these matters, we will use every tactic at our disposal to effectively support you.

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Every business requires insurance. Imagine running a business without insurance? Too risky. We are a simple, intuitive, and affordable insurance consultant, specifically for hair-stylists.

 While you typically won’t have difficulty finding an insurance company, considering the risk of claims against these businesses is well understood. However, finding the right company that provides affordable premiums with maximum benefit can become a hefty task. This is where we help you out!

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We Help You Buy The Right Insurance Plan

Owning a salon comes with lots of responsibilities, precautions, and sometimes, risks. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the right agent while writing down your insurance policy with a company.

We are a barbershop insurance firm associated with the insurance industry and we know how the company functions. We understand that businesses need adequate security and we get it for them!

We understand the risk associated with owning a salon- bodily injuries, treatment injuries, natural disasters, fire, and crime committed by your employees, clients, or others. We use effective plans and policies to get the best insurance for your salon.

 We develop effective strategies especially designed to relieve the stress of our clients due to insurance affairs.

 Most importantly, we ensure that you have a secure, safe policy in place and proper coverage no matter your income! We are here to give you what we all have been searching for- peace of mind, at an affordable cost!